Top Tips For Selling Online: Guest Post by Create

So you love making and may have sold your products at Brighton Craftaganza or other craft events. But how do you go about taking your passion online? In this blog post the Create crew share their top tips for ecommerce success so you can draw from the wealth of our experience to support you through your next exciting steps.

1, Plan your website before building it.

Before you have launched your first website this can seem like a really daunting task. However, clear planning can make the building process a lot easier. Collect some images that you can use for the website that show off your product and yourself and write some basic copy that communicates what your brand is about. Choose some brand colours that fit well together. This will form the basic content of your website and you can build around that.

Examples of creative website designs

Examples of creative website designs

Plan out the pages before starting a build. What do you need and how should they connect together? It may help to draw this out in a simple spider diagram.

You can see more tips on how to build a great website here.

2, Think about your imagery.

Having images on your website is important as it will make it look interesting, personal and unique; plus people need to see the products they are buying. Therefore, photography should be clear, simple and well lit. Product images are a fantastic opportunity to show off your items. These should have a uniformity of style and fit with your overall colour scheme.

Check out more website photography tips here.

3, Know your legal requirements!

This is super important if you are selling online as you need to adhere to government guidelines.

The Sale of Goods Act requires products to match the quality that they are described as being in so bear this in mind when writing product descriptions. Health and Safety rules mean that products sold must be safe and producers should include safety information and warnings where necessary.

The Consumer Protection Act means that you must provide certain items of information on your ecommerce website, such as company identity and address, clear pricing and details about delivery and returns.

This is a very basic overview of some of the relevant acts but you need to understand these in detail. You can read more about legal requirements for online sellers here.

4, Be social.

Once you have your website up and running you need to let people know about it, so having profiles on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter will help you to make new friends and share your news. It also helps your website to be found if you have active social profiles as it will boost your SEO. You could use your accounts to promote special offers and events you will be selling at (like Brighton Craftaganza!). Just remember to make sure all your social media profiles are easily navigated to from your website, ideally your home page!

Find out more about managing social media with your business here.

So many social media platforms!!!

So many social media platforms!!!

5, Keep it up!It can be tempting to get your shop online and then sit back waiting for the sales to flood in. This is not realistic! You need to proactively market your website regularly over the long term. If you don’t have much time it is best to do less but regularly, rather than a sporadic burst of activity followed by nothing for months. As a minimum, plan to blog at least once a month and update your social media and shop items on a weekly basis.Tell everyone about your new website but bear in mind that it can take time to build up your visits and sales. The first 6 months can be a slow burner. Don’t let this put you off! Stick with it and stay active and you will start to see results!

Hopefully, this blog has been useful. You may still have one burning question: How do you get a website on a low budget? Ok, so we’re somewhat biased in this one as Create are a service that help you to set up your own online shop for less than £5 per month. Feel free to try out our free 30 day trial or ask any questions by dropping us a line at

Good luck with your online selling! 


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