‘Meet the Seller’: Jorunn from Nnuroj

We have a really interesting seller and product range for you today; Jorunn who creates fascinating and unusual knitted products that will be selling at the Summer Brighton Craftaganza craft market on 15th June.


Please introduce yourself….

My name is Jorunn Hustoft. I am a Brighton based Norwegian textile designer/maker trading as Nnuroj. I love knitting!

Describe the products you currently make to sell

I design and knit a range of cushions, beanbags, quirky blankets and accessories. For the Craftaganza on 15th June, I will be showing a range of knitted laptop cases, summer accessories, Baby Sock Blankets and Knit Kits. All my products are manufactured using a hand-powered domestic knitting machine. Every textural detail is created by hand to achieve the luxurious, high-quality finish.

Medium White Upholstered and Grey Beanbag

Where and when do you design and make your products?

I work from my studio near the seaside in Brighton. Every day is different, but on an ideal day I would split my time as evenly as possible between knitting, sampling, drawing new design ideas, emailing, web updates, research and planning. Knitting always takes priority over anything else and I pride myself in being organized and punctual with the production and shipment of all orders.

The Making of a Fortune Cookie Beanbag in Black

How long have you been selling your wares and how did it begin?

After graduating from university, I focused on gaining some valuable industry experience before starting out on my own. On July 1st 2012 I left full time employment to follow my dream of starting my own textile brand.

What drew you to the Brighton area, if you are not a ‘native’?

I originally moved to Brighton for university about six years ago. I love the creative buzz that this city offers.

Nnuroj Baby Sock Blanket

Any other crafty disciplines you like to practice?

I always have a huge amount of projects on the go though they do usually have a textile focus. I am currently developing a range of textile tools and also exploring some ideas within upholstery. My university degree was in ‘wood, metal, ceramics & plastics’ which gives me a very broad background in making with a variety of materials which is really useful when developing my design ideas.

Nnuroj Upholstered Beanbag

What inspires the things you make?

My work is mostly inspired by lace-making, upholstery and the ways in which wool can benefit your living environment. The modernisation of traditional textile techniques features prominently in the development of my ideas.

Personal motto?

Work hard, follow your dreams & if you don’t ask, the answer is always no.


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