Meet the Seller: Mimi from Snorkus

I am so delighted that this talented illustrator and all-round-crafty-lady applied to sell at one of our Brighton Craftaganza markets. I’ve been into her work since I first saw it shortly after I moved to Brighton, her cat prints are something special! Come down on Saturday 2nd March to see for yourself…


Please introduce yourself….

Hello I am Mimi aka Snorkus. I have been working for 16 years as a digital designer/producer in broadcast media. I set up Snorkus to create my own more personal work and to have some fun.

Describe the products you currently make to sell

I make hand pulled, limited edition screen prints, giclee prints, badges, cards and toys made from vintage fabric and my own patterns.


Where and when do you design and make your products?

At home with the trusty sewing machine and sketchpad – in a chalet/shed in my friends back yard in London, where I make the badges and Inkspot Press Brighton for screen printing, cups of tea and chocolate biscuits.

How long have you been selling your wares and how did it begin?

About 3 years ago I was screen printing in Berlin and got asked to do a fair in an old disused Stadtbad (swimming bath) – I think I bought more than I sold – some fantastic letterpress and a print of an ogre.


What drew you to the Brighton area, if you are not a ‘native’?

I could possibly live any where. I have lived in Edinburgh, London, Barcelona and Berlin.

Any other crafty disciplines you like to practice?

I have had a go at upholstery and would like to screen print my designs for a chaise longue, maybe a bizarre hybrid of animal skulls and topographic lines with dancing cats ha ha.

What inspires the things you make?

Inspiration comes from anything really, walks and museums, old children’s books, animal antics and daft humour.

Personal motto?

Try it, you might like it.



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