Meet the Seller: Jen from Lilly Lewis

Please let me introduce the second of the two milliners who will be selling at the Christmas Brighton Craftaganza market this Sunday 9th December. Jen is crazy-talented, and makes hats and fascinators that are more than fit for the silver screen, or any other backdrop for that matter!


Please introduce yourself….

My real name is Jen Lewis and I am a freelance milliner. I trade under Lilly Lewis  – who I guess is my ‘alter – ego’.

Lilly was created 5 years ago when I was setting up on my own. I didn’t want to trade under my own name so after alot of discussion with friends the name ‘Lilly’ came up and since then she has been a massive part of my life. So much so that now half the people I know now call me Lilly! 


Describe the products you currently make to sell

I sell hand made hats and fascinators. My true love is vimtage so I specialise in a vintage style’s from the 20’s through to the 50s. Using vintage trims, feathers and accessories wherever possible, which adds to the individuality of each piece.

However I do like to release a bit of my sense of humour into my work.. mainly for my own amusement and do limited collections of themed pieces. For example, this year I did a Jubilee collection which consisted of tea – cup and saucer fascinators!!

Lilly Lewis Jubilee collection - TopShop 2012

Where and when do you design and make your products?

I am constantly designing, I get inspired all the time! As I said I love vintage so I do look to old films and books and images for inspiration. But really I just see the world in hats!

How long have you been selling your wares and how did it begin?

I have been making and selling my entire life, but the millinery started 6 years ago, purely by chance really. I ran a vintage shop for a while back up north (Manchester) and used to do repairs on the stock one day I was repairing a hat and I thought to myself..I might make one of those! So I did and it worked and I haven’t looked back since.


What drew you to the Brighton area, if you are not a ‘native’?

I fancied a change!

Any other crafty disciplines you like to practice?

I can draft patterns and dress make and I did a spot of printing, way back when but I don’t have much time now as Lilly keeps me very busy!


What inspires the things you make?

Everything and anything!

Personal motto?

We are only here once! Maybe a little morbid but makes you think.



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