November’s Craftaganza Live: In Pictures

Last Wednesday saw our second Craftaganza Live free creative meet-up and talk at The Old Market. We were very lucky to have a duo of creative talent care of TheBigForest to come and address the attendees. Makers of delightful, characterful and collectable bears with an inimitable style, they are also well versed in social media and traditional press. With lots of experience of running a creative business , they were very open and happy to share with us their triumphs and pitfalls as they proceed towards making TheBigForest a sustainable business.

Sarah (pictured above with Michael from TheBigForest) is the a main organiser of these monthly events. She did another wonderful job co-ordinating the speakers, the venue and all the technical aspects (microphones, slide show, lighting, music…).

It’s a bit scary when the room is ready and waiting. When 7pm rolls round, will anyone arrive?! (They did!)

We had two of major players in Brighton’s vibrant photographic scene in attendance: Mini-click Jim and Lomokev!

Sarah and me (pictured above) were determined not to be so nervous speaking in public this time! I found a couple of glasses of wine helped me feel more confident before my time to speak came round!

Show time! TheBigForest had carefully prepared an excellent slide show of images to illustrate the talk Michael gave. The images reflected the complete journey the brand has been on as well as their visual and business-based inspiration points.

They brought with them some examples of their products and explained the different ranges they create.

When the Q & A section came, I had a lot to ask Michael!

And after the talk, TheBigForest (Benjamin pictured above on the left) stuck around to chat with the attendees so they could find out more!

The speakers from our first Craftaganza Live, Amy and Claire from Super+Super HQ (pictured above) were in attendance. I think they found listening much less stressful than speaking!

Thanks to absolutely everyone who came along last Wednesday. Sarah and I really hope you enjoyed the evening. And of course an ENORMOUS thank you to TheBigForest for their inspirational and thought-provoking talk. We really couldn’t have hoped for a more entertaining and enlightening presentation. Those guys have really set the bar high for future speakers!



One response to “November’s Craftaganza Live: In Pictures

  1. Thank you for hosting a warm and inspiring evening !

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