Hard-Craft Christmas Classes!

In case you haven’t yet heard of them, I’d like to introduce to you the Brighton craft company Hard-Craft! They organise and run a fantastic range of classes, courses and workshops in an exciting array of crafty disciplines at the Artist Residence hotel in Regency Square, Brighton. The organisers put an emphasis on fun and always create a relaxed and social environment, so by attending one of their classes you are as likely to come away with new friends as you are with a fantastic handmade item!

With the festive season getting close, Hard-Craft have got developed some fantastic Christmas-themed classes. These classes and workshops would create a lovely alternative get-together for friends or colleagues, rather than the usual rushed drink in a noisy, crammed bar or pub! These Christmas-friendly classes including making Vintage Crackers, Wreaths, Bath Gifts and Wrapping Paper so you can stuff your Christmas with gorgeous crafted goodies.

Impress friends and family with your creative, personalised gifts – all made by hand! These friendly classes are a lovely way to get creative, socialise and learn new skills while enjoying lots of tea and biscuits on chilly wintery evenings.

When you book 3 of Hard-Craft’s Brighton Christmas craft classes for a discounted rate of £50 they will also give you a wicker hamper to fill with your creations. (Each class normally costs between £19-22 for a 2 hour session and includes all materials and refreshments)

Choose to make:

All classes are 2 hours long and organiser/teacher Katie will take you through a step-by-step tutorial in the comfy Artist Residence hotel in Brighton. You’ll come away with a hamper filled with home-made Christmas gifts plus lots of ideas to make them again at home.

Tea, coffee biscuits and plenty of gossip and chatter will be served in the break.

This hamper package costs just £50 and includes all the materials and equipment you will need to make your own unique Christmas decorations or gifts. 

HOW TO BOOK: Visit the website http://hard-craft.co.uk/events/hamper/ or phone 07588692955 for more details.


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