Craft Market Update: Extra Christmas Date!

As previously mentioned, the next Brighton Craftaganza craft market event will be held at Fabrica on Saturday 8th December 2012. Well, today I am delighted to announce that, after the success of our double-date Summer event, the Christmas event will run over two days to include Sunday 9th December.

This means two whole days of prime shopping and selling opportunity slap bang in the centre of Brighton’s shopping area on one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year.

As with the Summer two-day event, potential sellers will be given the opportunity to apply to sell on one or both of the days. Full details about the event and how to apply will be released in October. To be one of the first to receive those details, get on the Brighton Craftaganza mailing list by emailing

Plus, visit the Brighton Craftaganza flickr group to check out images taken at the Summer Brighton Craftaganza craft market.


2 responses to “Craft Market Update: Extra Christmas Date!

  1. Can’t wait for the applications. Would love to have a stall at your fabulous craft fair.

  2. Emma Tameside

    This seems like quite the event to attend, after having a look at the flickr. The stalls look great and everyone looks as though they’re having a great time! I’ve personally been planning Christmas for a number of months now, it’s my favorite time of year. I’ve already planned to visit the Nuremberg Christmas Markets with the family, in Germany. It has a traditional Christmas spirit to it, which I’m obliged to.

    If you guys stick around though, I’ll definitely be making a visit for Christmas 2013. Must remind myself to sign myself up to the newsletter to keep me posted. Good luck with the event though!

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