Brighton Bloggers’ Bash

Today’s post is NOT related to the forthcoming Spring Brighton Craftaganza, if you can believe that! Instead, its aim is to share some info about another Brighton-based event that may be of interest to the readers of this blog.

Steph, member of the Brighton Craft Guerilla, and very much friend of Brighton Craftaganza, is organising a meet up for bloggers who live in or around Brighton. This event will on Saturday 9th June at the exciting Super +Super HQ.  It will provide a wonderful opportunity to meet other bloggers, hold discussions, network and have some fun! Plus, she promises a raffle! Who doesn’t love a raffle?! For more details, including how to get one of the limited number of tickets to attend, check out the Brighton Bloggers’ Bash site. Steph has also informed me that she is currently seeking someone who can make cakes, so please do pipe up if you are skilled in that area.

I sure as hell am going to be there, hope to see you there too!


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