Meet the Seller: Sandeep from Mama Wolf

Past Brighton Craftaganza markets and other craft fair experiences have taught that a lack of male-focussed stalls is a real missed opportunity. This is one of the many reasons why I am delighted that the awesome textile design work of Mama Wolf  will be on sale at the Spring event. Let’s hear what the brains and talent behind this label has to say!

Please introduce yourself….

My name is Sandeep Pawar, I am a self taught seamstress and I specialise in mens fashion and home ware accessories.

Describe the products you currently make to sell

I currently make Mens Neckties, Mens Totes, Cushions and Hand Embroidered Hoops.

Where and when do you design and make your products?

I design my products everywhere! I carry my trusty little notebook with me so whether I’m on the train, watching TV or falling sleep in bed, when I get an idea for a design, I grab my notebook and I’m off! I make all of my products in my tiny little studio in my home in beautiful Brighton.

How long have you been selling your wares and how did it begin?

Although I have been sewing and crafting since I was a wee lass, I have only just started to sell my wares. My love for sewing started when I was about 11 years. Watching my Mum make her own clothes whilst simultaneously watching a Bollywood film finally bowled me over and I fell in love. As an adult, I could no longer suppress my desires to sew full time and decided to embark on a career as a seamstress.

What drew you to the Brighton area, if you are not a ‘native’?

Well I started in Coventry and moved to London when I was 18. Almost 10 years later I met my now fiance and I moved to Brighton to be closer to him. It was only when I arrived that I realised it must have been fate as the craft scene down here is pretty hardcore and pretty darn cool.

Any other crafty disciplines you like to practice?

I love baking. I know it’s more a homemaking thing, but I adore it. I love to be creative with paper and washi tape so I always try and think of new ways I can decorate the cakes I make. I find it so relaxing and fun, it really makes my heart sing- truly!

What inspires the things you make?

I adore the English Countryside, woodland animals of Britain, as well as Brothers Grimm fairytales and historical folklore. These all invoke a sense of mystery and awe which I try and take to my work. I also take great pleasure from the darker side of life in general and often reflect on the things I have heard or read throughout the day. I use all of these inspirations to create unique items that tell a story and are full of love. I also have a weird obsession with factories from the 40’s and 50’s and royal turbans…probably best not to ask!

Personal motto?

Even when you are close to tears; never give up on your dream and keep working as hard as you can.


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