Meet the Seller: HelloMarine

It was Kirstin, organiser and co-creator of the Brighton Handmade Co-op, who suggested I contact HelloMarine when I was ready to accept applications for the forth-coming Spring Brighton Craftaganza. I hadn’t heard of her name before, but having checked out her wonderful website, I realised I had seen her work exhibited around town and lusted after the vibrant quirky poster-style prints previously! I’m very excited that she was interested in taking a stall at the event, and I can’t wait to take a closer look at her range. My boyfriend and I have a ‘no-new-print-buying-until-some-of-the-others-get-framed’ rule, but are rules not meant to be broken?!


Please introduce yourself….

Hello! I’m HelloMarine, a French illustrator based in Brighton.
I was born in Paris, grew up in South of France and moved to Brighton to study Graphic Design at university.

When I’m not spending time with my little family and friends, I divide my time between commissions for clients and personal work that I sell in galleries and my BigCartel shop and that I exhibit regularly.

I have worked for advertising, publishing and editorial clients such as Penguin, The Big Chill Festival, Lacoste, The Guardian, TruThoughts in Brighton etc..

Describe the products you currently make to sell

I mainly sell signed and numbered limited editions of prints, giclee or screen-printed. My style is quite bold and has previously been described as vivid, vibrant, striking and memorable, sometimes retro or slightly surreal.

Where and when do you design and make your products?

I principally work from home except when I attend a local studio to screen print. I fit my work around my kids so it’s the best option for me at the moment.
I am my own boss so my working hours are very manageable and change all the time. I love to draw in the evening though when the day has quiet down.

How long have you been selling your wares and how did it begin?

I have been selling my work for about four years. Before that I was already working for clients and I was told often that my work would suit poster format
and that I had quite a bold style and a good use of colours. It was just a natural follow up on what I was already doing.

The great thing is that, unlike client’s work in which you often have to make creative concessions, I have no creative restrictions and I can really express myself that way, which keeps me happy.

What drew you to the Brighton area, if you are not a ‘native’?

I first came here in 2001 to do a degree in Graphic Design at Brighton uni.

What inspires the things you make?

It’s a difficult question because it changes all the time… music, fashion, people I meet, places I go, patterns, swedish and scandinavian design, the Sixties…

Personal motto?

Work hard and be nice to people (thanks Anthony Burrill!)


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