Spring Brighton Craftaganza: Poster Design Unveiled!

I am sooo excited to share with everyone the poster/flyer design for the Spring Brighton Craftaganza event. Maybe I’m biased, but I think it’s possibly the best poster we’ve created yet!

Once again, talented illustrator Jennie Ball was commissioned to create another craftin’ pin-up hottie image to personify Brighton Craftaganza. This one is beavering away creating soft toys to sell at Craftaganza, and managing to do so whilst looking damn fine! A pretty far cry from my own preference for pyjama wearing whilst making things to sell, I must admit!

If you would like to help promote the Spring event, all the sellers and myself would be very grateful indeed. Just click here to download the original image file, print it out and stick it anywhere legal! Do you have a window facing the street? Access to a notice board at work/flat voyer/school/college/university? Are you on good terms with your local cafe/shop/deli/corner-shop/pub/bar/hairdressers/etc? If you could put a flyer or poster up, it would be a great help.

 Thanks in advance!


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