Spring Brighton Craftaganza: Applications Closed




I’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has contacted me for details and application information for the forthcoming Spring Brighton Craftaganza. The response has been great, particularly considering the Spring event was announced so soon after Christmas. It has been wonderful to see both new and previous sellers interested in this next event (the first of which I’ll be organising solo!). 

The period for accepting applications has now come to an end, and all stalls have been allocated. I also have a list of reserves, in case there are any stall-holder cancellations or people and people are forced to drop out for some reason. However, if you wish receive information about future events, please email me at craftaganza (at) gmail (dot) com, and I will be happy to put you on the mailing list.

As for the successful applicants, some of whom haven’t previously appeared on this blog in the ‘Meet the Seller’ or ‘Seller Update’ features, will hopefully agree to appear on this blog. That way we can get the opportunity to learn more about them and their work in advance of the March 24th event.

Thanks again everyone, time to get back to organising a craft market!!!


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