So long, Lisa and Steph…

There have been some changes taking place in the Craftaganza camp. The Brighton Craftaganza endeavour was started by Steph, Lisa and myself (pictured above, left to right) over a year ago. Lots of work went into laying the foundations for our first event which took place in March 2011. Shortly after that event, Lisa was forced to devote every remaining minute of the rest of 2011 to preparing new patterns and writing instructions in preparation for the release of her second bag making book (check her first bag making bible here). She also received the wonderful news that she is expecting a baby next March!!!! This is one busy lady we’re talking about here! Obviously, Craftaganza planning had to take a back seat in her life, although she has remained with the project in spirit. It was lovely to see her (and her bump!) when came down to see us at the recent Christmas event.

That Christmas event, as she mentioned herself, also marks the end of Steph’s involvement with Craftaganza. She has a lot on her plate coming up with planning her wedding, studying and working. I know that stepping away from this endeavour wasn’t an easy decision for Steph, as the Brighton Craftaganza craft markets were her initial idea and she’s been involved in building it up from nothing for the past year. I really respect her ability to objectively analyse how much she realistically had to give this project in 2012 and chose to step away rather than let it suffer or create an unsustainable inbalance between the organisers.

So what do these changes mean? Well, basically it means that I will be organising Brighton Craftaganza on my own from now on, along with some wonderful helpers on the event days. There are a few changes and improvements that will be made to the events, most of which have been suggested by the sellers from the Christmas event when they generously shared their feedback. I also plan to provide more opportunities to expand the interaction between local crafters/designer-makers, plus lots more ideas that will hopefully come to fruition in 2012. If you have any ideas that you would like to see Brighton Craftaganza involved in or things you would like to see on this blog, please leave a comment or email me at craftaganza (at) gmail (dot) com.

So, these changes come at the end of an eventful year. I wish both Steph and Lisa all the best for the exciting events and changes awaiting them in 2012. And I wish everyone who has had anything to do with Brighton Craftaganza, be that selling with us at an event or glancing at this blog occasionally a very Merry Christmas. Here’s to an exciting, handmade New Year ahead!!!!!

Zoe xxx


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