Christmas Craftaganza

Hi there crafters!

What a great day we all had today at the Christmas Craftaganza. As ever, it was awesome to see so many talented designer-makers in one place, and so many happy customers taking home their lovingly crafted creations.

There was a very festive atmosphere and we even had mulled wine made by our lovely food seller Jan.

I’m sure Zoe will be making a full report of today’s event, but I just wanted to say how much fun it has been to be involved in starting such a great event. I’m taking a break from helping to organise the Craftaganza’s for now, some of you already know I’m getting Married in June and as I know I’m going to be pretty busy till then I thought it best to let Zoe take the reins for next years events. So it’s over to you Zoe, and see you all soon crafters 🙂

Wishing you all a happy crafty Christmas and a fab new year!

Love Steph xxx


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