The Brighton Source Write-Up

If you are a resident of Brighton and Hove, it is likely that you are well aware of the free magazine The Brighton Source. In my opinion, it’s the best way to find out what is going on in the city, from big gigs to small art shows. Having moved to Brighton in the Autumn of 2010, I found it was an excellent resource for helping me feel connected with my new home. I told me about many of the bars, restaurants, cafes, pubs, events, festivals, and so on which drew me to living here in the first place. It also includes interesting, amusing and often thought-provoking articles about local culture and more broader topics which make me extra excited to grab the latest copy when I see it in a pub or cafe.

And as if you need further proof that it is a local publication with it’s finger on the pulse, the latest edition includes a little write-up about our every own Brighton Craftaganza in their culture section!

‘Seek out the blog page for this refreshingly unpretentious craft fair and you’ll find a whole heap of beautiful creations from local makers. They range from whimsical felt toys to infintesimal bits of exquisite jewellery, delicately weaved fabrics, cool canvas art and enough nifty needle and thread work to make even the most stringent stitch connoisseur beam. Between this and the aforementioned Ink_d offerings, we reckon we’ve got you sorted for some unique and lovingly made presents. Mince pies all round.’

Well, couldn’t have put it better myself! Thanks Source guys, it’s so nice to feel that what we are trying to create has merit which spans beyond the local handmade and craft scenes!


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