Seller Update: The Midnight Deer

This is the last ‘Seller Update’ post before the Christmas Brighton Craftaganza craft market.  Shall we hear about what jewellery designer-extraordinaire Jen from The Midnight Deer has been up to since we last heard from her?

Since my write up for Craftaganza in March I’ve been back and forth selling my work at the summer Festivals. First was The Secret Garden Party, then Playgroup, Wilderness and finally Bestival. Whilst tiring (the car broke down almost every event!) the festivals were great fun and it was brilliant to meet so many like minded sellers.

Throughout the summer months I focussed on flower garlands and other hair accessories, particularly as these were popular with the festival goers! For the garlands, I use a variety of fabrics and wires, artificial flowers and naturally shed feathers. These are probably one of my favourite things to make, particularly because it’s very easy to sit sunbathing whilst working on them!

Once the festivals were over, I started focussing on greeting cards and, my very favourite new items – lovely 16k gold plated pendants. I’d wanted to introduce these items to the collection for some time, and I feel it’s good to have a varying range of items, particularly for different events and stockists.

With several Christmas Markets ahead, I’ll be continuing to focus on a good range of items, and have plans for even more Festivals in the new year!


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