Free Download: ‘Sales for People who Hate Selling’

All the way back in September we organised and hosted an event entitled ‘Sales for People who Hate Selling’. We want to give our sellers, and other local creative people who are interested in selling their products, more support than simply setting up the craft market, so this event was an experiment in how we could provide that extra support. The event itself seemed to go really well, even if it was not the slickest of presentations! We received very positive feedback from those who attended and the consensus seemed to be that the ideas, theories and suggestions that the sales experts delivered that day were of real use for crafters/designer-makers when trying to sell their work in a craft market environment. Therefore, we thought it would make sense to share some of the content of that event for those who couldn’t be at the ‘Sales for People who hate Selling’ event.

The sales experts who shared their knowledge with us crafters that day (Patrick Potter – Content Marketer & Copywriter and Anthony Appleton – Sales Trainer) did so by splitting the selling process down into four basic sections which all together Patrick Potter called the ‘anatomy of a sale’. This made the whole concept of selling far more manageable for those of us who usually feel uncomfortable at the thought of having to sell our products and ourselves to the public. Patrick has generously created a document for us which outlines the basic elements of the anatomy of the sale (Opening Communication, Building Rapport, Pitch, Close) with explanations about how a seller should use each element to their advantage to secure more sales. Obviously it cannot be as detailed as the actual event, but this free document may arm you with a few more usual tricks to turn those passing customers into buyers of your wonderful work.

The ‘Sales for People who Hate Selling’ document (pictured above) is available for free download here. Don’t forget to tell other crafters/designer-makers about it.

Happy selling!!!!


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