Seller Update: Bobbins and Robbins

This week we’re launching a new feature on this here blog called ‘Seller Update’. It’s where we take a look at what the sellers who have sold with us previously have been creating since our last event in March. Seeing as we have already ‘met’ these sellers on this blog through a ‘Meet the Seller’ interview, we thought it would be nice for the ‘Seller Updates’ to be an opportunity to read about them in their own words, rather than responding to our standard questions.  The first ‘Seller Update’ subject is Katy from Bobbins and Robbins (you can read her previous ‘Meet the Seller’ interview here):

This summer I’ve been working on a ready-to-wear collection for this autumn and winter. I will have them with me at the Christmas Craftaganza along with the usual soft tweed toys. I decided to do a ready-to-wear collection for all those who can’t quite wait for the made-to-measure service! It features the most popular items of the Bobbins & Robbins clothing selection in a variety of reclaimed and vintage fabrics all resourced locally with reclaimed and some vintage buttons. It’s been so fun working with these fabrics. There’s Brigitte the simple Sixties blouse (from a vintage 1960s pattern), Blousey a classic Peter Pan blouse made from a hand-drawn pattern (by myself), Rita pencil skirt and Emmeline the twelve dart skirt (two more hand-drawn patterns). They come in small, medium and large but of course I’ll still be poised to take made-to-measure orders as well.  I’m just about to start work on more soft tweed toys and perhaps some little Christmas goodies too. I’m quite excited at the thought of it all and really looking forward to the Christmas Craftaganza and seeing what other crafty folks have been up to too.


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