Can you help?! Tables and desks needed!!!

I probably don’t need to remind you that us Craftaganza ladies are massive fans of the Handmade co-op shop in Kemptown, and similarly they have been very supportive of us. Last month we hosted our ‘Selling for People who hate Selling’ symposium in their lovely basement space. This space is used for other creative events, for example, a regular photography workshop, plus they have other plans in the pipeline. As well as facilitating cool new things for creative-minded locals to get involved in, hosting discussions/workshops/exhibitions/classes in their basement space will also attract more attention to the work of the artists and designers that is stocked in the shop. And as a non-profit co-operative, any funds that these events can generate will help cover overheads and insure they are able to support those artists and designers for longer.

 One particular set of plans that I am very excited to be part of could do with a little helping hand to actualise. We aim, starting very early next year, to provide expert sewing assistance and access to sewing machines and equipment to people without the often-preventative cost and commitment needed to sign up to a standard sewing class. The sewing sessions will be user-directed, so the sewing experts can be on hand to help with whatever the individual wishes to learn, rather than following a set ‘making a skirt’ or ‘making a cushion cover’ formula.

 We have been offered use of a sufficient amount of sewing machines, overlockers and equipment, but we are severely lacking in surfaces to use it all on.  Due to the non-profit nature of Handmade (and the make-do and mend nature some of us share!) buying a load of new tables isn’t an option. So if you have, or know of, any unwanted tables, desks or computer tables that could be used to sew on, please please prettiest of pleases, email  (at) hotmail (dot) com to donate them!!!!

Zoe xxx


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