Meet the Seller: Ella Wood

Today’s featured seller is a lovely lady who is going to be stall-mate to previously featured seller, Kate Butler. The Christmas Brighton Craftaganza is going to be well stocked with lovely jewellery pieces then…

Please introduce yourself….

My name is Ella.  I’m a Brighton creative. My philosophy lies in producing designer-made, high end jewellery at an affordable price.

Briefly describe the products you currently make

I make original street jewellery and hair accessories using mixed materials and found gems.  I also specialise in reworking old jewels for clients.  For this, I transform crystals, pearls and stones (sometimes precious) into stunning new items of bespoke jewellery for weddings, gifts and special occasions.

Memory: Quite often, jewellery passed down through generations, which has been hidden in boxes or forgotten at the bottom of a drawer for years, can be given a new lease of life for my client to enjoy.  That is the beauty of what I do!

How long have you been selling your wares and how did it begin? Or is Craftaganza your first time?

I graduated as an interior designer in London in 2000.  Still interested in form and function, but with a love of fabric and accessories, I changed discipline to become a designer of jewellery, clutch purses and handbags.

I have sold my work at various reputable markets such as Spitalfields and I currently acquire commissions and sell via boutiques located around Sussex.  It is my ultimate goal for me to display an item of jewellery at Liberty London…… day!

Facebook is also a virtual forum I use to promote my small business and meet designers.

Other crafty disciplines you like to practice?

 I call myself a multi-discipline designer as I like to play with a variety of crafty techniques in order to bring to life an idea in my mind.

What inspires the things you make?

Transition and contrast in nature.  My latest range explored the traced outline of trees between stark winter and springs bloom.  I am also inspired by the built environment – architecture, scaffolding and construction.

My biggest passion is to make beautiful and original jewellery pieces for people to wear.  I like to make people feel beautiful and special!

Other crafter/makers you admire?

Kate Butler, Zoe Edwards and the Brighton Handmade crew!

Personal Motto?

Be nice and you won’t get blocked!


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