Meet the Seller: Maureen Jackson from Momo

I’m very excited to share with you a new batch of ‘Meet the Seller’ interviews here on this blog.  These will be posting at steady intervals over the forthcoming months that preceed our next Craftaganza craft market in December. These ‘Meet the Seller’ posts are an excellent opportunity to take a peek at the products that will be available on the day, as well as finding out more about the individuals, inspiration and processes behind the work. So, let’s meet us a seller!

Please introduce yourself….

 Hi, I’m Mo, my friends call me Momo so that’s the name I gave to the things I sell.

Briefly describe the products you currently make

I suppose I’m what’s called a fibre artist. I make felt and all kinds of things from felt, though there are usually lots of other textiles and fibres thrown in. I make whatever interests me…hats, scarves, cushions, jewellery, etc.

How long have you been selling your wares and how did it begin? Or is Craftaganza your first time?

I’m a freelance graphic designer and illustrator but I’ve been making things all my life for myself and friends. Last September I’d decided I’d like to leave the computer behind for a while and get back to a more hands on approach to my creativity and so decided to give craft events a go.

Other crafty disciplines you like to practice?

I’m a keen gardener too. I designed my own garden and those of my friends. The same principles apply with garden structures, colour and texture as with anything else, it’s just on a bigger scale, and you get to sit in it afterwards.

What inspires the things you make?

My Mum taught me to sew, my gran taught me to knit and my Dad taught me the joy and satisfaction that making things with your own hands brings. I have them all to thank for all the pleasure I get from my craft.

Other crafter/makers you admire?

Other crafters that I admire are Nicola Kathrens of ‘Rare Knitwear’ Lyme Regis, her creations are just so original and exquisite they give me goose bumps just to look at them. Elina Sarri a felter from Finland is another lady I find inspiring. Everything she makes is so vibrant and exciting. I love bright colours but they are not always fashionable which is a pity as making anything in pale grey or cream leaves me feeling a bit washed out.

Personal motto?

My motto would have to be… ‘Life is so much better with colour in it’


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