Sell at Handmade: Spaces available

If you are a resident of Brighton it is very likely that you may already be acquainted with Handmade, an awesome shop on St James Street in Kemptown. If you don’t know it and find yourself close by, you’d be crazy not to pop in! It’s absolutely one of my favourite places in our lovely city, particularly for buying unique and special little gifts, greetings cards and clothing. You could argue that I’m biased, considering that I currently stock some bags and garments there, but I assure you my opinion was formed long before my direct involvement! Go and see for yourself…

The awesome individuals who run it are committed to supporting and promoting the work of local artists/designers/makers/crafters and offer incredibly reasonable rates for creative people to try and sell their wares. They will soon have a few spaces free from just £30 a month, so if you are interested in selling your handmade products in a shop environment with the freedom to experiment with layout, product type and display this could be a fantastic opportunity. Email them with details of your products  (at) hotmail (dot) com!

Zoe xxx


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