Me-Made-June ’11!

I’d like to tell you about another of my (albeit less local) creative organising endeavours: Me-Made-June ’11. In my capacity as a sewing blogger, I’ve created a number of online community challenges over the last couple of years (Me-Made-May, Self-Stitched-Septmber, Me-Made-March ’11) all of which provide an opportunity to pledge to wear your handmade creations more than you usually would for the duration of the month. By ‘handmade creations’, I mean anything sewn, knitted, crochetted, refashioned, upcycled, re-made, etc. by your own fair hands.

(me rocking some hand-made garments during Me-Made-May last year)

The purpose of these challenges is to encourage those of us who make and/or refashion clothes to actually wear them our their everyday lives. Rather than spend hours on projects that then languish unworn and unloved in the bottom of a drawer, I believe we should be proud of our achievements and creations. I feel we should show ourselves, as well as everyone else, that our efforts are more than just a pastime: that we have been slowly developing valueable skills that we can use to actually clothe ourselves, damn it! Participating in these challenges has proven that we can learn to love our creations, to look past any flaws we can see in them (that probably no-one else would even notice). The challenges have also provided an opportunity to learn about what garments work best for our bodies and lifestyles so we can make more informed choices when sewing/knitting/refashioning etc. in the future. Head over here if you would like to learn more, or even sign up yourself. You would be in good company, so far 80-ish individuals from all over the globe have signed up to participate in this latest incarnation!

Me-Made-June ’11 has a corresponding Flickr group, which participants of the challenge can use to share photos that they have taken to document the challenge, if they wish to. From the 1st of June, the photo pool will start filling up with images of the participants wearing their often incredible hand-crafted garments. It’s bound to provide a wealth of inspiration, if sewing, knitting and/or refashioning is your bag! To contribute to the discussions and add photos to the pool you must be a member, but anyone with access to the internet (which I’m assuming you do!) will be able to enjoy this group. So if you are interested in a handmade life, why not bookmark the Flickr group and pop back in a few weeks to see how some people are interpreting this challenge? 

Zoe xxx


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