Seller Feedback and the Future of Craftaganza!!!

With the last of the sellers packed up, tables taken down and rubbish collected, the first Brighton Craftaganza event came to an end. As great as it seemed from our (the organisers) perspective, we wanted to know what the sellers thought about the event, and indeed about what we could have done better to take on board for the next time. We knew we would be missing a trick if we didn’t request their opinions on these topics, so we allowed a couple of days for thoughts to settle then hit them with a small survey. Some of the sellers kindly considered and then responded to these questions, providing us with invalueable insight. Thanks so much for those who took the time to do this, and if you didn’t respond to our feedback questions, they would still be very gratefully received if you find the time!

Thankfully, I can honestly say that the vast majority of the feedback we received regarding the planning and running of the event and the overall experience was very very positive. It seemed most of the sellers really did have as good a day as we had hoped for. There were also some useful constructive criticism that was offered, which we are thankful for.

For example:

  • One seller would have liked us to have provided chairs. As she rightly pointed out, this would make life a lot easier for those sellers arriving on foot or public transport. We did ‘um and arr’ about providing chairs for our first event, but we tried to keep the costs down, and therefore the price of each stall, by choosing not to. Now we know how the rental of tables and chairs works, for the next event we will certainly offer each stall holder to have a chair provided for the day.
  • Another seller would have liked us to be more explicit with how we advertised the market, and which media we deployed aside from facebook and this blog. I can assure you, we did consider every marketing opportunity we could think of, and used many of them! From tweeting the Argus with (possibly annoying !) regularity, to the notice boards of craft-specific forums, to printing approx. 75 posters which were distributed around the city at SWAT sites, plus many more. Next time, we will involve the sellers much more in the process of marketing the event, both in terms of letting them know where our advertising efforts and budget are going, and in getting their ideas for possible avenues we may have overlooked.

There were some other very good points which we will attempt to rectify and/or improve for the next event. There were also some good points made that sadly we may be unable to work on, like our lack of ability to make the signage outside Fabrica larger and more eye catching (they have very strict rules about what can and can’t be displayed outside their building). But for the most part, we will try to address each point that was made to us. Please email us if you have any more ideas for the planning and running of future events… 

Which leads me neatly on to those future events I speak of! As we have already explained to many of the sellers from the first Craftaganza, we are unable to hold another craft market at Fabrica for the rest of this year. This was a real blow when we found out, but the (understandably) popular venue is fully booked for 2011. We are indeed aiming to hold more Brighton Craftaganzas at Fabrica next year, but in the meantime we hope to hold another market this year at a temporary alternative venue.

Other exciting plans are also afoot. Plans which will endeavour to support local craft and creativity separate but in parallel to organising the craft markets. When those plans are ready for unveiling, you’ll of course be first to hear the deets….!


3 responses to “Seller Feedback and the Future of Craftaganza!!!

  1. Re: advertising, couldyou bribe some good mates to walk around Brighton on the day of the next event wearing sandwich-board placards? (I’m not sure if their are any council rules/laws about that kind of thing, but it migh the worth looking into to get a few more people viisting through the doors + they could hand out wee little A5/A6 flyers with a quick map to find the venue for it too?) 🙂

  2. P.S. The boards needn’t be heavy – maybe sturdy corrigated cardboard with A1/flipchart size posters attached (maybe laminated/plastic covered to stop them getting soggy in the rain LOL?).

  3. A fab write up & looking forward to your future events 🙂 x

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