Countdown to the first Brighton Craftaganza

Woo! We’re all systems go folks.  Save this date:

26th March. 11am – 5pm is BRIGHTON CRAFTAGANZA TIME!!

We want to thank everyone who inquired about having a stall at the fair, your feedback and response has been hawww-some!!  Honestly, setting up this craft market  with the sellers (and the other 2 organizer Laydeez) has been a real pleasure!  The ease in setting up this market has to be (in part) due to the fact that craft is so alive in kicking here in Brighton.  There is a bustling community of designer makers and to compliment those makers are folks who buy that craft. They buy craft because they love indie, they love local and they have an appreciation of handmade – and this is another one of the reasons why I LOVE it here!

Come along to Brighton Craftaganza and see for yourself what lush-ush treats await your magpie eyes.   We really have a bit of everything: whimsy, graphical, soft, edgy, tasty, pretty, funny and thoughtful.  Treats for you, for your friends, for your family, for your pets and for your home.  All of our super talented sellers were carefully chosen and we’re so happy they joined us!    (All 3 organisers had to agree on each seller – at times it came near to fisticuffs, but it was worth it!)

Just a selection of what awaits your wallet (and mine):

  • unique and delicious jewelry in all shapes and wonderful materials
  • hand printed illustrations, books and cards
  • essential oils, hand creams and candles
  • yummo cakes, savory pastries, choccies, cuppas and organic juices
  • shimmery glassware
  • adorable ceramics
  • take me home cute soft plushies and cool toys
  • Badges and hand mirrors
  • hand printed fabric lampshades, bags and accessories
  • vintage clothing
  • and literally, lots more…
  • A list of some of the sellers can be found here.

Really, with all of this creativity and love going each and everyone of these items you’d be a smart cookie spending your cash here Vs the highstreet.  Meet the talented folks who have spent hours hand making their beautiful wares. Have a chat with ’em, connect with them and connect with the craft.  Make unique purchases that you can feel warm and fuzzy about!

I’m just glad I’m one of the organizers – it might mean I can get first dibs on some the tasty merchandise.  Heh heh heh!  🙂

Lisa X!


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