Meet the Seller: Jennifer from The Midnight Deer

Time to meet another of our lovely sellers. Jennifer creates beautiful, whimsical pieces to treasure. The perfect gifts for special ladies, if ever I saw some!

Please introduce yourself….

I’m Jennifer, I make lots of pretty things under the name The Midnight Deer.

Briefly describe the products you currently make

I use vintage items & hand designed perspex, sparkling beads, semi precious stones and charms to make jewellery, hair accessories and other lovely treasures. The majority of my work is either limited edition or one off, making it all the more interesting to make and all the more special to own.


How long have you been selling your wares and how did it begin? Or is Craftaganza your first time?

I’ve been selling my work under one name or another for several years now. I’d always made jewellery for myself and as gifts for friends/family, one day I tried selling my work online and it went from there really.

 I’m excited about selling at Craftaganza as it’s a fab location and building. Aside from Craftaganza I can often be found at other local Art / Craft Fairs and am also kept busy selling my work through along with several other shops which currently stock the collection.

Other crafty disciplines you like to practice?

When I’m not working on items for The Midnight Deer, I like to draw, paint and play piano – not all at the same time, or possibly.


What inspires the things you make?

Forests, oceans, animals, music, early mornings, late evenings, nature & night time.

Other crafter/makers you admire?

One of my local stockists is ‘Handmade’- a shop on St James Street in Brighton which sells art, cards, clothes and jewellery by several of us local designers. I admire anyone who puts their heart to something they love.

Personal motto?

Dream, Design, Make!

Thanks for reminding us to spend more time on those three valueable words, Jennifer!


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