Meet the Seller: Carrie Lewis from Little Moose

Today’s ‘Meet The Seller’ subject creates some seriously cute and desireable products. I’m finding it very difficult to decide which of her little critters is my favourite! Whilst I make up my mind, let’s read what she has to say…

Please introduce yourself….

Hi, my name is Carrie Lewis and I’m a doodler, jewellery maker and accessories designer from East Sussex.

Briefly describe the products you currently make

Currently, I have a handmade acrylic jewellery range called ‘Doodllery’ which is based around some of the cute little characters that started their lives out as scribbles in my sketchbook. They’ve got a hand drawn, kawaii personality about them.  The jewellery is fun and unique, and I like the idea of giving people a little companion to share their day with.

 How long have you been selling your wares and how did it begin? Or is Craftaganza your first time?

I’ve been doodling for a fair few years now, but only brought out my Doodllery range at the start of last year.   I’ve only been selling online up until now – Craftaganza is my first fair out in the real world!

Other crafty disciplines you like to practice?

I also design quirky bags, gifts and accessories for a large UK wholesaler and you’ve probably seen a few of my ranges around Brighton. My ‘Wagtail’ and ‘Sugar Coated’ ranges both prominently feature my doodles. I also run an online shop called Little Moose which focuses on cute characters and fun kawaii products.

What inspires the things you make?

I love anything that is cute, small and makes me smile.

 Other crafter/makers you admire?

There are so many talented artists out there and my house is full to the brim with cute things that people have created. Some of my favorites would include Depeapa, Made by White, Lazy Oaf and MaryMary Handmade.

Personal motto?

Think happy thoughts, smile and love anything that is colourful and cute.

Hmm, I think my favourite has to be the pink monkey. No, the grey whale, oh, I don’t know! What about you?!


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