Craftaganza Blog Widget/Button

If you are going to be selling at Brighton Craftaganza or planning on coming along to support local handmade craft, why not advertise your involvement by adding a cute little widget/button of our logo (pictured above) to your blog? You can add it to your side bar and will provide a quick link back to this blog, which may encourage more visitors to Craftaganza, as well as showing your blog’s readers what you are up to/supporting.  

Lisa, Steph and myself are incredibly grateful for all the interest that has been shown to this crafty venture, but for us to really be able to promote local handmade craft to the best of our ability, we need to get as many people through Fabrica’s doors on March 26th as possible. Telling your friends and colleagues about the Brigton Craftaganza event, and adding this little widget/button to your blog, if you have one, will make a fantastic contribution to supporting this whole endeavour.

So, if you would like one of these buttons, here is the html code:


href=””><img src=””/&gt; </a>

If you have a blogger blog, follow these steps:

1# Copy the following HTML code above

2# Click on ‘Customise’ on your own blog

3# click on ‘Layout’

4# click on ‘Add Gadget’

5# choose HTML/Javascript

6# paste the code in

7# click on ‘save changes’

If you have a Wordpress blog, follow these steps:

1# Copy the following HTML code above

2# Click on ‘Appearance’ on your the dashboard of your own blog

3# Go to ‘Widgets’

4# Find the ‘Text’ widget option and drag it into your sidebar

5# paste the code in (leave the title field blank)

Thanks again for your all your interest, help and support. Every bit of it inspires us to work harder to make Brighton Craftaganza a wonderful showcase for local creative talent, as well as showing people that handmade products are so much more exciting than mass-produced things.    

Zoe x


5 responses to “Craftaganza Blog Widget/Button

  1. Hi Zoe

    Thanks for the code for the button. Unfortunately I can’t get it to work on my blog. It claims the image has been moved or deleted. I’m using WordPress as my blogging platform and I’ve copied the code exactly and put it into a text widget as the help file suggested. Thanks!

  2. Hi Midnight Betty! Sorry you are having problems. I just tested the code by applying the code to this blog in a ‘text’ box which is found in ‘Widgets’. The only thing was, when I pasted the code into the text box, the last didn’t appear at the bottom on a line of its own as it is in the code I’ve written above, so I moved it down to its own line and the code worked fine. Maybe try that? Otherwise, let us know your still having problems and I’ll get some technical support on this issue!

    All the best
    Zoe x

  3. Oh, and did you include the first <a which appears a couple of lines above the main body of the code?

  4. Hi Zoe
    I’ve tried your advice but still no go. When I save it, it removes the line spacing inbetween.
    Thanks so much for your help.

  5. Hi Zoe
    I am having trouble loading the button too. I have tried quite a few times. I am using blogspot. Any ideas?

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