Where It’s At: Fabrica!

When we began planning Craftaganza, Lisa, Steph and myself spent a considerable time discussing venue options, but as those discussions progressed, it became clear to the three of us that there was really only one venue we wanted to approach; Fabrica

If you’re a Brighton resident or have visited the city before, chances are you’ve passed Fabrica whilst wandering around the shops. It is a former church from the Regency period, which happens to be slap-bang in the centre of busy Brighton on the corner of Ship Street and Duke Street, with entrances on both sides. The church was deconsecrated and opened in March 1996 as a focus for contemporary visual art practice. Its unique interior is host to four main art exhibitions each year, plus a variety of other smaller exhibitions and events, including craft markets such as our very own Craftaganza.

If, like ourselves, you are a repeat-attender of craft markets and fairs, or even a designer/maker who has sold your work at such events, you will probably have found yourself in a whole range of places as a consequence. I, personally, have sold at or visited craft markets in school halls, muddy fields, open-air festivals, miserable disused warehouses and factories, community centres, drafty part-time car parks and dreary churches. They each have their own charms and quirks of course, but I must admit to being really excited about Fabrica as a venue for its sense of space and light, as well as its history, atmosphere and, not to mention, decent toilets!

If you are able, we hope to see you there on Saturday March 26th! And if you are interested in selling at Brighton’s first Craftaganza, be sure to check out our Seller Info page.

Zoe xxx


2 responses to “Where It’s At: Fabrica!

  1. Congratulations ladies! The venue is awesome.

  2. Cool! I originally hail from the South – so might have to visit some relees and pop in to visit on 26th March (yay!) 🙂

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